Must-see attractions in Central Ukraine

  • Dramatic view on the castle in Kamianets-Podilskyi in spring. Ukraine
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    Kamyanets-Podilsky Fortress

    Central Ukraine

    Built of wood in the 10th to 13th centuries, then redesigned and rebuilt in stone by Italian military engineers in the 16th century, K-P's fortress is a…

  • Wehrwolf - Ruins of Hitler's underground headquarters, near Vinnytsia, Ukraine.


    Central Ukraine

    Between May 1942 and July 1943, Adolf Hitler paid several visits (accounts vary) to his regional military headquarters in a vast bunker 8km north…

  • Avtomotovelofototeleradio Museum

    Central Ukraine

    Big name for a small museum but worthwhile for anyone with a wistful soft spot for the days of Soviet mass production. This octagonal building near the…

  • Museum of Strategic Missile Forces

    Central Ukraine

    It’s not easy to find, but deep in Ukraine’s agricultural heartland, 25km north of Pervomaysk, lies one of Ukraine’s coolest museums. Better known as the…

  • Exterior of the Cathedral of Saints Peter & Paul in Kamyanets-Podilsky.

    Cathedral of Saints Peter & Paul

    Central Ukraine

    The Old Town's most prominent church perfectly illustrates how the Polish and Turkish empires collided in Kamyanets-Podilsky. Built in 1580 by the…

  • The towers of the Church of St George in Kamyanets-Podilsky.

    Church of St George

    Central Ukraine

    The historic Polish section is dominated by the 19th-century Orthodox Church of St George, with its five spires painted a brilliant azure. One gets here…

  • Jewish Cemetery

    Central Ukraine

    Levi Yitzhak's mausoleum is in Berdychiv's huge Jewish Cemetery. For decades, with the exception of Yitzhak's mausoleum, the cemetery was overgrown and…

  • Sofiyivka Park

    Central Ukraine

    Sofia Pototsky was a legendary beauty, and Uman's stunning park is her husband Count Felix's monument to her physical perfection. Having bought Sofia for…

  • Korolyov Cosmonaut Museum

    Central Ukraine

    Named after acclaimed Soviet rocket engineer and local lad Sergei Korolyov, this surprisingly well-curated museum is famous across the former Soviet Union…

  • Roshen Fountain

    Central Ukraine

    Ukraine's original big-time spray show (since 2011), the Roshen Fountain lights up the Pivdenny Buh River every night in the mild months. Built by the…

  • Berdychiv Fortress

    Central Ukraine

    The impressive brick-walled complex hogging the horizon as you approach Berdychiv from Khmelnytsky is widely known as the fortetsya (fortress), but it's…

  • Joseph Conrad Museum

    Central Ukraine

    Józef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski was born in 1957 to noble Polish parents in Berdychiv, then part of the Russian empire, and spent the first 4 years of…

  • Pirogov Church-Mausoleum

    Central Ukraine

    The second-most famous embalmed corpse in the former Soviet Union (after Lenin in Moscow) rests in the basement of a chapel in the suburb of Pyrohove…

  • Medzhybyzh Fortress

    Central Ukraine

    The impressive Medzhybyzh Fortress stands proudly at the confluence of the Pivdenny Buh and Buzhok Rivers. Inside its gently crumbling courtyard are an…

  • Uman Fountain

    Central Ukraine

    Move over, Vinnytsya: there's a new fountain in the 'hood. Uman's is not as gigantic or as hyped as the one that illuminates the Pivdenny Buh to the west,…

  • Entrance to the Podillya Antiquities Museum in Kamyanets-Podilsky.

    Podillya Antiquities Museum

    Central Ukraine

    This imaginatively presented museum with English explanations takes visitors through the archaeology of Podillya in six easy steps. You begin in a Stone…

  • The Ratusha (Town Hall) in Kamyanets-Podilsky.


    Central Ukraine

    Polish Market Sq is lorded over by the tall 14th-century Ratusha (Town Hall). The renovated peach-hued building now houses three modest museums. Most…

  • Entrance to the Russian Magistrate in Kamyanets-Podilsky.

    Russian Magistrate

    Central Ukraine

    There are some interesting old buildings on vul Pyatnytska, which branches off Armenian Market Sq. The large structure with a distinctive metal dragon…

  • Entrance to the Picture Gallery in Kamyanets-Podilsky.

    Picture Gallery

    Central Ukraine

    The pieces on display are only a small fraction of the permanent collection, which includes some 60,000 works of art and thousands of other artefacts…

  • The Windy Gate in Kamyanets-Podilsky.

    Vitryani (Windy) Gate

    Central Ukraine

    At the northern edge of the Old Town is the still-functioning 16th-century Vitryani (Windy) Gate, where Peter the Great's hat blew off in 1711. Connected…

  • Exterior of the Dominican Monastery in Kamyanets-Podilsky.

    Dominican Monastery

    Central Ukraine

    You'll find the Dominican Monastery complex on vul Dominikanska; some parts of it date from the 14th century. The buildings suffered serious damage during…

  • The St Jehoshaphat's Church in Kamyanets-Podilsky.

    St Jehoshaphat's Church

    Central Ukraine

    Heading towards the fortress along the main drag through the Old Town, you'll pass this baroque 18th-century Greek Catholic church (formerly St Trinity's)…

  • Bell tower of the Armenian Church in Kamyanets-Podilsky.

    Armenian Church

    Central Ukraine

    Huge, decorative wrought-iron gates enclose these ruins of a 15th-century church, its perimeter still weeping masonry onto the cobbles below. The…

  • Exhibit in the Castles in Miniature Museum in Kamyanets-Podilsky.

    Castles in Miniature Museum

    Central Ukraine

    If you don't have time to go castle-hopping around central and western Ukraine, here is your chance to see miniature models of 14 Ukrainian castles,…

  • Rabbi Nachman's Tomb

    Central Ukraine

    Rabbi Nachman (1772–1810) was the 18th-century sage who founded the Breslov branch of Hasidism. Tens of thousands of Jewish pilgrims flock to Uman every…

  • Regional Museum

    Central Ukraine

    This large and diverse museum is well worth an hour or two for its interesting archaeological artefacts, bug-eyed taxidermy and large WWII exhibition with…

  • Pirogov Garden-Museum

    Central Ukraine

    About 1.5km before you get to the chapel containing Pirogov's body, you can see his house, now a museum. It's actually more interesting than you'd expect,…

  • Ruska Gate

    Central Ukraine

    One of the old gates to the city, the 17th-century Ruska Gate is on the south side of the isthmus in the old Ruthenian (Ukrainian) quarter. Along with the…

  • Gagarin Park

    Central Ukraine

    Flanking the Teteriv River about 1.5km south of the city centre, this park is a hive of activity in the summer months and serves up great views of the…

  • Maydan Nezalezhnosti

    Central Ukraine

    Vinnytsya's epicentre is maydan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Sq), where major demonstrations and meetings take place. A rather inconspicuous monument on…

  • Potters' Tower

    Central Ukraine

    Looking south from the New Bridge you can spot the 1583 Potters' Tower, so named because it was looked after by the town's potters. Twelve of these towers…

  • War Veterans Museum

    Central Ukraine

    The red-brick clock tower on pedestrian vul Ovodova houses an interesting museum where you'll find tributes to the 167 young local men who made the…

  • St Barbara Church

    Central Ukraine

    This rose-tinted neoclassical church is where Honoré de Balzac was married to Polish noblewoman Ewelina Hańska in 1850. Look for the brass plaque on the…

  • St Sophia's Church

    Central Ukraine

    With its distinctive ochre-and-white exterior, double clock towers and lavish interior, this small church dating from 1746 is a must-see for fans of…

  • The Polish Gate in Kamyanets-Podilsky.

    Polish Gate

    Central Ukraine

    The Polish Gate was the main entry into the old Polish section of Kamyanets-Podilsky. It's not in use today.

  • Transfiguration Church

    Central Ukraine

    This light-yellow, gold-domed church dating from 1758 is worth checking out for its dim and atmospheric painted interior, punctuated by the fragrant scent…

  • New Fortress

    Central Ukraine

    Behind the Kamyanets-Podilsky Fortress to the west are the remains of the largely earthen, 17th-century New Fortress.