Top ChoiceUkrainian in Yaremche


Quite understandably the backdrop to many souvenir photos, this large, ornate log cabin built in the 1950s serves pretty decent food. The menu includes river fish, forest mushrooms, polenta, pancakes and all...

Top ChoiceCraft Beer in Rakhiv


Astoundingly out of character with the rest of Rakhiv, this excellent, colourful, egg-themed cellar pub has some of best food in Rakhiv and incredibly good, award-winning Carpathian craft beers including light...

Top ChoiceMuseum in Kolomyya

Museum of Hutsul Folk Art

This well-curated exhibition of Hutsul artefacts is probably the best of its kind in Ukraine. Decorated stove tiles and other ceramics, musical instruments, carved wooden tools, boxes, furniture, traditional and...

Top ChoiceMuseum in Kolomyya

Pysanky Museum

Kolomyya's most eye-catching attraction is a monster concrete Easter egg, which sits rather self-consciously on the town's main square. Inside in an adjoining building you'll discover a museum dedicated to the...

Museum in Carpathian National Nature Park & Around

Oleska Dovbush Museum

Few would brave the potholes to the sprawling Carpathian village of Kosmach, 35km to the southwest of Kolomyya, were it not for the privately run Oleksa Dovbush Museum. Run by the inimitable Mykhailo Didyshyn,...

International in Kosiv


A much-needed addition to Kosiv's calamitous dining scene, the funky, almost hipster Garden feels completely out of place on Kosiv's scruffy streets. The urbane, faux-cosmo design, all lime greens, grey fabrics...

Museum in Kosiv

Museum of Hutsul Folk Art and Life

For those not seeking craft bargains, the main reason to vist Kosiv is to visit the Museum of Hutsul Folk Art and Life. It's worth visiting for a wide overview of the Hutsuls' artistic skills. It maintains a...

Museum in Rakhiv

Museum of Mountain Ecology

This old-school museum stands on the hill behind the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve headquarters building. The exhibition is surprisingly informative, rich and colourful as well as slightly kitsch, so in between...

Market in Yaremche

Souvenir Market

You haven't seen a Ukrainian souvenir market until you've visited Yaremche's, surely western Ukraine's largest. Now reaching absurd dimensions, it's centred around a beauty spot where a footbridge crosses the...

Ukrainian in Yaremche

Kolyba Krasna Sadyba

Krasna Sadyba's kolyba (wooden hut) is one of the best eating spots in Yaremche, serving sumptuous spit-roasted pork, beef shashlyk (shish kebab), chicken wings or salmon on a terrace overlooking the river or in...

Cafe in Kolomyya

Kafe Elina

This cafe behind the Museum of Hutsul Folk Art is a typical Hutsul kolyba (mountain inn) arrangement with tables and knick-knacks in a wooden hut serving large portions of Ukrainian favourites. In summer the...

Nature Reserve in Rakhiv

Carpathian Biosphere Reserve

Carpathian Biosphere Reserve

Declared a Unesco Biosphere Reserve in 1992, this protected area is made up of six separate locations, four of which can be found around Rakhiv. Some 90% of the reserve is made up of virgin forest, home to rare...

International in Rakhiv


Rakhiv's fanciest dining option is a tranquil island of style and efficient service, and a fine place to grab some post-hike grub (but lose the muddy hiking boots first). Most items on the long menu, from local...

Market in Kosiv

Craft Market

Craft Market

Kosiv's high-quality Hutsul crafts are sold at its well-known weekly craft market. It attracts sellers from across western Ukraine and from as far away as Moldova. Anything you buy here is guaranteed to be the...

Gifts & Souvenirs in Kolomyya


If a tour of the Museum of Hutsul Folk Art has got you craving for something local to take home, this great little junk-antique-souvenir shop, hung with all kinds of ceramics, art, leather, blankets and assorted...

Food & Drink in Rakhiv

Bryndza Festival

The biggest annual bash in Rakhiv is the bryndza cheese festival that takes place at the amphitheatre above the town. Running for almost two decades it attracts bryndza producers from across the Carpathian...

Bar in Kolomyya


Small central bar hang-out that manages to squeeze two cosy levels into its tiny interior as well as sporting a covered terrace in summer. Lots of Ukrainian beers, a vague sports theme and loud FM radio.

Ukrainian in Carpathian National Nature Park & Around


Overhanging the river and regarded as one of the best places to eat in these parts, Sheshory's Arkan restaurant is celebrated for its authentic Hutsul cuisine and live Carpathian music.

Monument in Rakhiv

Geographical Centre of Europe

Fifteen kilometres southwest of Rakhiv lies what Ukraine contends is Europe's geographical centre, just before the village of Dilove. Ukraine is not the only country to declare itself the continent's centre:...

Area in Kosiv

Miska Hora

Kosiv is a minor Hasidic pilgrimage destination, though almost all the town's Jews were murdered by the Nazis on the Miska Hora (Town Mountain), a hill rising above the town. One side of the hill is peppered with...