Top ChoiceUkrainian in Yaremche


Quite understandably the backdrop to many souvenir photos, this large, ornate log cabin built in the 1950s serves pretty decent food. The menu includes river fish, forest mushrooms, polenta, pancakes and all...

International in Kosiv


A much-needed addition to Kosiv's calamitous dining scene, the funky, almost hipster Garden feels completely out of place on Kosiv's scruffy streets. The urbane, faux-cosmo design, all lime greens, grey fabrics...

Ukrainian in Yaremche

Kolyba Krasna Sadyba

Krasna Sadyba's kolyba (wooden hut) is one of the best eating spots in Yaremche, serving sumptuous spit-roasted pork, beef shashlyk (shish kebab), chicken wings or salmon on a terrace overlooking the river or in...

Cafe in Kolomyya

Kafe Elina

This cafe behind the Museum of Hutsul Folk Art is a typical Hutsul kolyba (mountain inn) arrangement with tables and knick-knacks in a wooden hut serving large portions of Ukrainian favourites. In summer the...

International in Rakhiv


Rakhiv's fanciest dining option is a tranquil island of style and efficient service, and a fine place to grab some post-hike grub (but lose the muddy hiking boots first). Most items on the long menu, from local...

Ukrainian in Carpathian National Nature Park & Around


Overhanging the river and regarded as one of the best places to eat in these parts, Sheshory's Arkan restaurant is celebrated for its authentic Hutsul cuisine and live Carpathian music.

Supermarket in Yaremche


If self-catering, there’s a Vopak supermarket between the bus and train stations.