Top Choice Notable Building in Chernivtsi

Chernivtsi University

University buildings are often called 'dreaming spires', but Chernivtsi's is more like a trip on LSD. This fantastic, now Unesco-listed red-brick ensemble, with coloured tiles decorating its pseudo-Byzantine, pseudo…
Notable Building in Lviv


The city fathers have occupied this location since the 14th century, but the present-day Italianate look dates to 1835. In a sign of openness and transparency, visitors are allowed to roam the corridors of power, bu…
Notable Building in Kyiv

Mezhyhirya Estate

Kyiv's newest tourist attraction is Mezhyhirya, the estate that once 'belonged' to ex-president and wannabe Ukrainian dictator, Viktor Yanukovych, famously ousted in the Maidan Revolution of 2014. A wander through t…
Notable Building in Lviv

Jewish Hospital

In the outer district, you’ll find the Jewish Hospital one of Lviv’s architectural highlights. From afar this Moorish, dome-topped building looks like a mosque, but up close Jewish motifs are evident in the striking…
Notable Building in Kharkiv

Pokrovsky Monastery

Just west of pl Konstytutsiyi, the gleaming domes of the Pokrovsky Monastery (Intercession of the Virgin) are visible from miles away. The predictably peaceful grounds (enter from pl Konstytutsiyi) have two attracti…
Notable Building in Kosiv

Kosiv State Institute of Decorative and Applied Arts

Tiny Kosiv is synonymous with serious, high-quality Hutsul crafts. They’re sold at its famous weekly craft market and produced in the surrounding hills as well as at the Kosiv State Institute of Decorative and Appli…
Notable Building in Kyiv

House of Chimeras

Hard to say which other national president has a bunch of otherworldish creatures peering into his window, but the Ukrainian one does for his office is face-to-face with Kyiv's weirdest edifice. The 'chimeras', whic…
Notable Building in Odesa

City Hall

Notable Building in Kamyanets-Podilsky

Russian Magistrate

There are some interesting old buildings on vul Pyatnytska, which branches off Armenian Market Sq. The large structure with a distinctive metal dragon projecting from its facade is the old Russian Magistrate, now th…
Notable Building in Ivano-Frankivsk

Regional Administration Building

This Soviet-realist hulk is worth seeing for its sheer size and bombast. The two glum-looking traditional Ukrainian musician statues that guard the entrance are particularly impressive.