Historic Site in Lake Bunyonyi

Bwama & Njuyeera (Sharp’s) Islands

Many boat drivers will take you to these islands, where British missionary Dr Leonard Sharp founded a leper colony and settled in 1921, but the story is more interesting than the sights. The colony on Bwama was...

Wildlife Reserve in Lake Bunyonyi

Kyahugye Island

Run by Lake Bunyonyi Eco Resort, this 35-acre island is worth a visit if you want to see to wildlife such as zebra, waterbuck, ipala and kob up close. All were brought here from Lake Mburo National Park.

Historic Site in Lake Bunyonyi

Akampeine Island

Translating as Punishment Island, this tiny island was so named because it was once the place where unmarried pregnant women were dumped to die. Their only rescue from drowning or starvation was if a man who was...

Cafe in Lake Bunyonyi

Lake View Coffee House

Grab a cup of local coffee or cold beer at this open-air cafe. There's little competition for ambience – it has a fantastic wooden deck with sweeping views over the lake. There's also a crafts shop.