Uganda is blessed with a generally good range of hotels, hostels, lodges, camps and campsites. Having been a tourist destination for decades, it offers choices for all budgets.


Almost every popular destination in Uganda offers camping, so it's worth carrying a tent if you're on a budget. In provincial towns many upmarket hotels allow camping on their grounds, and include the use of swimming pools and other facilities in their rates. Be aware that there is almost never cooking facilities for campers, who either have to bring their own camp stoves and cooking utensils or join the meal plan available at most places.


Hotels range from fleapit to luxurious, and even in many smaller towns there's plenty of choice. You can count on almost every town to have at least one basic lodge where you can spend the night. Most lodgings include breakfast in their rates.

Outside the capital, wi-fi is not necessarily included, especially in parks and reserves. Budget rooms typically have shared bathrooms and cold water. Modern, comfortable rooms with satellite TV (although often only the same channel that's turned on in the restaurant/bar) and hot-water showers can be found in midrange rooms. Even most budget places, except at the very bottom of the price range, have hot water and attached restaurants. Top-end hotels and lodges start at around US$150 and can go much higher.

National Parks & Reserves

The main national parks have a wide range of accommodation available, including luxury lodges and tented camps with outlandish prices. Always ask for discounts at these top-end places. Most parks also have far simpler and more affordable basic bandas (thatched-roof huts) and tented camps, as well as at least one campsite for those on a real budget.

Camping in national parks costs USh15,000 per person per night, with tents sometimes available for hire for an additional USh15,000 (though the quality is usually low). Bandas are also common in budget lodgings, starting from around USh35,000 for singles and USh40,000 for doubles with shared facilities.