Top things to do

Bahamian in Middle Caicos

Mudjin Bar and Grill

With peerless views over the limestone 'Dragon' to the reef wall and deep blue Atlantic beyond, the in-house restaurant at the Dragon Cay Resort could rest on its laurels. However, the food – conch fritters,...

Beach in Middle Caicos

Bambarra Beach

Bring a picnic to enjoy at the tables provided on this broad, fine-sand beach. The water is shallow a long way out, and usually calm, so it's a good choice for families. The beach is reached by a 1km track from...

Cave in Middle Caicos

Conch Bar Caves National Park

The largest cave system on dry land found anywhere in the Bahamian Archipelago, Conch Bar is accessible with National Trust guides on a pricey 30-minute tour. Call for access outside normal hours.