Top things to do

Top Choice Teahouse in Dashogus


This is by far the most atmospheric place in Dashogus to eat – a simple, Uzbek-run chaikhana where you’ll eat good home-cooked soups, tasty kebabs and fresh bread. It's a five-minute walk from the Hotel Uzboy: from …
Top Choice Turkish in Ashgabat


This charming red-painted cellar in the backstreets between the train station and the Hotel Paýtagt attracts a thoroughly local crowd, but you'll be made to feel very welcome. It's all about the sublime kebabs here …
International in Ashgabat

Coffee House

This place may be a masterwork of kitsch, but its breakfasts are solid and its coffee is decent, making it a prime hangout for the foreign community. Salads, soups and burgers complete the menu.
Turkish in Ashgabat


The food is good at this friendly local institution and includes pide (Turkish pizza) and delicious kebabs. The service is attentive and swift, although it can get very hot in the summer months due to the wood-fired…
European in Ashgabat

Sim Sim

Now a decade old, this one-time upstart is something of an establishment favourite. Despite its try-hard-and-fail decor, which is just tacky, the service and food here are top notch. The dishes are international wit…
Pub in Ashgabat

City Pub

Though looking nothing like one, a ‘real British pub’ has found its way to Central Asia. It's often empty though, with televisions providing the only atmosphere. There's a decent menu here as well, which is best enj…
Bar in Ashgabat

Iceberg Bar

This tranquil beer garden, located behind the circus, serves up frothy pints of microbrewed beer and sticks of shashlyk.
Monument in Ashgabat

Arch of Neutrality

Beyond the national museum is the President Hotel, some distance behind which you'll see the Arch of Neutrality. Once the centrepiece of Niyazov's Ashgabat, it was erected to celebrate the Turkmen people's unsurpris…
Museum in Ashgabat

Earthquake Museum

This is perhaps Ashgabat's most touching museum and the display includes once-banned photos of pre-1948 earthquakes as well as information about the five-year clean-up effort, the burying of 110,000 bodies and the b…
Museum in Ashgabat

Museum of Fine Arts

The pricey Museum of Fine Arts is located in an impressive building with a big rotunda, two tiers and lots of gold. The collection contains some great Soviet-Turkmen artwork: happy peasant scenes with a backdrop of …