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Historic Building in Konye-Urgench

Turabeg Khanym Complex

Turabeg Khanym Complex, opposite the Konye-Urgench ticket office, is still the subject of some debate. Locals and some scholars consider this a mausoleum, though no one is too sure who is buried here. Some archaeolo…
Mausoleum in Konye-Urgench

Sultan Tekesh Mausoleum

Instantly recognisable by its conical turquoise dome, the Sultan Tekesh Mausoleum is one of Konye Urgench's most beautiful monuments. Tekesh was the 12th-century Khorezmshah who made Khorezm great with conquests as …
Islamic Site in Konye-Urgench

Gutlug Timur Minaret

Across the road from the Turabeg Khanym Complex, a path through a modern cemetery and the 19th-century Sayid Ahmed Mausoleum leads to this minaret, built in the 1320s. It’s the only surviving part of Old Urgench’s m…
Museum in Konye-Urgench

Konye-Urgench Museum

The simple Konye-Urgench Museum is housed in the early-20th-century Dash Medressa, just before the main mausoleum complex. It includes some ancient Arabic texts and a few interestingly labelled artefacts from Old Ur…
Mausoleum in Konye-Urgench

Nejameddin Kubra Mausoleum

Nejameddin Kubra (1145–1221) was a famous Khorezm Muslim teacher and poet who founded the Sufic Kubra order, with followers throughout the Islamic world. His tomb is believed to have healing properties and you may f…
Islamic Site in Konye-Urgench

Mamun II Minaret

South of the Il-Arslan Mausoleum lies the base of the Mamun II Minaret, which was built in 1011. It was reduced to a stump by the Mongols, rebuilt in the 14th century and finally toppled by an earthquake in 1895. Ne…
Mausoleum in Konye-Urgench

Il-Arslan Mausoleum

The Il-Arslan Mausoleum is Konye-Urgench’s oldest standing monument. The conical dome, with a curious zigzag brick pattern, is the first of its kind and was exported to Samarkand by Timur. Il-Arslan, who died in 117…
Hill in Konye-Urgench

Kyrk Molla

The mound of graves called the Kyrk Mollais a sacred place where Konye-Urgench’s inhabitants held their last stand against the Mongols. Here you might see young women rolling down the hill in a fertility rite – one …
Mausoleum in Konye-Urgench

Matkerim-Ishan Mausoleum

To one side of the mosque is the Matkerim-Ishan Mausoleum, which is also early 20th century.