Public Holidays

Turkmenistan has a great number of holidays, though the country largely continues to work as normal during most of them.

1 January New Year

12 January Remembrance Day (Battle of Geok-Depe)

19 February Flag Day (President’s Birthday)

8 March Women’s Day

21 March Navrus (spring festival); date varies

April (first Sunday) Drop of Water is a Grain of Gold Day

April (last Sunday) Horse Day

9 May Victory Day

18 May Day of Revival and Unity

19 May Magtymguly Poetry Day

May (last Sunday) Carpet Day

August (second Sunday) Melon Holiday

6 October Remembrance Day (1948 Earthquake)

27 & 28 October Independence Day

November (first Saturday) Health Day

November (last Sunday) Harvest Festival

7 December Good Neighbourliness Day

12 December Neutrality Day