Monument in Ashgabat

Arch of Neutrality

Beyond the national museum is the President Hotel, some distance behind which you'll see the Arch of Neutrality. Once the centrepiece of Niyazov's Ashgabat, it was erected to celebrate the Turkmen people's unsurpris…
Museum in Ashgabat

Earthquake Museum

This is perhaps Ashgabat's most touching museum and the display includes once-banned photos of pre-1948 earthquakes as well as information about the five-year clean-up effort, the burying of 110,000 bodies and the b…
Museum in Ashgabat

Museum of Fine Arts

The pricey Museum of Fine Arts is located in an impressive building with a big rotunda, two tiers and lots of gold. The collection contains some great Soviet-Turkmen artwork: happy peasant scenes with a backdrop of …
Museum in Ashgabat

National Museum

Looking like a lost palace in the urban desert, the National Museum occupies a striking position in front of the Kopet Dag. It’s actually a collection of three pricey museums – the History Museum, the Nature & E…
Monument in Ashgabat

Statue of Lenin

The Statue of Lenin is a charmingly incongruous assembly of a tiny Lenin on an enormous and very Central Asian plinth. Right around the corner is the brand-new Magtymguly Theatre.
Museum in Ashgabat

Turkmenbashi Museum

Museum in Ashgabat

Carpet Museum

The large, modern Carpet Museum has a vast white marble facade and high entrance fees, though these are worth paying if you’re interested in this most famous Turkmen handicraft. While there’s a limit to the number o…
Mosque in Ashgabat

Iranian Mosque

The angular, futuristic Iranian mosque, illuminated with green neon, is on Görogly köçesi on the western outskirts of the city.
University in Ashgabat

Magtymguly State University

Notable Building in Ashgabat

Ministry of Defence