Music in Bursa

Uluslararasi Bursa Festivali

Bursa's music and dance festival features diverse regional and world music, plus an international 'star' headliner or two. Some performances are free, and tickets for top acts cost around ₺40. The festival runs for …
Performing Arts in Bursa

Karagöz Festival

This week-long festival hosts performances by Karagöz shadow puppeteers, Western puppeteers and marionette performers each November in odd years.
Dance in Bursa

International Golden Karagöz Folk Dance Competition

This dance event sees international groups perform at the open-air theatre in Kültür Parkı.
Hiking in Eğirdir

Dedegöl Dağcılık Şenliği

Over a Friday and Saturday on or after 19 May, Eğirdir's mountaineering club organises this communal scramble up Mt Dedegöl (2998m). A night is spent at the Karagöl base camp (1600m), before a 4am start for a long d…