Top things to do in Ünye

Top Choice Turkish in Ünye

Sofra Osmanli Mutfagi

Sofra occupies a lovely stone house with a terrace facing the coast road, just a couple of blocks east of the main square. Wildly popular at lunch, it's presided over by briskly efficient, bow-tied waiters serving p…
Tomb in Ünye

Tozkoparan Rock Tomb

This ancient cave tomb, one of a few in the area, is off the D010 coastal road 5km east of the town centre. Carved bull figures flank the entrance to the tomb, which is thought to date to between 7000 BC and 5000 BC…
Street in Ünye

Bakırcılar Sokak

Just near Orta Camii (Middle Mosque), this street of bygone times is home to a handful of coppersmiths, including Bizim Bakırcı, who still hammer and shape items for the home, as their forebears did for centuries.
Seafood in Ünye

Kaptan Balıkçılık

Hidden in the market, next to a fishmonger, is this excellent budget fish eatery, a gleaming white contrast to the bustle outside. Try the karides güvec (prawn stew, ₺15), or the balik ekmek (fish sandwich, ₺5).
Ruins in Ünye

Ünye Castle

About 7km inland from the town stands Ünye Castle, a ruined fortress founded by the Pontics and rebuilt by the Byzantines, with an ancient tomb cut into the rock face below. Catch a minibus (₺2) heading to Kaleköy o…
Cafe in Ünye

Kahve Durağı

Set in a restored villa-style town house on the southwest edge of Ünye's main square, this local branch of a national franchise is a popular, relaxed terrace cafe with a predominantly young clientele. If you're hung…
Museum in Ünye

Ünye Müze Evi

This tiny but ambitious museum occupies a handsome, breezy, 250-year old Ottoman house, with displays bringing to life the history, lifestyles and folklore of the different ethnic groups who have made Ünye their hom…
Seafood in Ünye


The 'Pier' has a waterside location and a reputation for seafood and grilled meats. There's çorba (soup), köfte and other Turkish classics, and even forays into pizza, but you shouldn't go past the fish. No alcohol.
Homewares in Ünye

Bizim Bakırcı

One of a handful of coppersmiths still producing the goods in a traditional way on the Street of Coppersmiths (Bakircilar Sokak).