Getting There & Away

Tokat's small otogar is about 1.7km northeast of the main square. Bus companies should provide a servis (shuttle) to ferry you to/from town but they can take a while to turn up; if you don't want to wait a taxi will cost about ₺14.

Several bus companies have ticket offices around Cumhuriyet Meydanı. It's worthwhile confirming departure times and booking tickets beforehand as Tokat doesn't have all that many bus departures. Bus-company offices in the centre will also provide a servis to the otogar.

There are semi-regular services to Amasya (₺15, two hours), Ankara (₺50, 7½ hours), İstanbul (₺70, 12 hours), Samsun (₺30, three hours) and Sivas (₺15, 1½ hours).

Local minibuses leave from the separate İlçe ve Köy terminal, one block east from the Taş Han.