As you climb the winding path to the ruins, look for the acropolis topped with an Ottoman fortress. Beneath it, reached by a narrow path, are rock tombs, including that of the warrior Bellerophon, of Chimaera fame. It has a temple-like facade carved into the rock face and to the left a fine bas-relief of our hero riding Pegasus, the winged horse.

Next to the ticket kiosk are the ruins of the stadium, its central pool suggesting it was used for social and ritual activities as well as sports and games.

The theatre is 100m up the road from the ticket office. It's in excellent condition, with most of its marble seating intact, and the stage wall is being rebuilt. It was fenced off when we visited, but if you can access it, look among the rubble of the stage building for blocks carved with an eagle, a player's mask and garlands. Just across the road are ruins of the ancient baths (note the apothecary symbol – snake and staff – carved on an outer wall on the south side) and basilica.

The site is open 9am to 7pm mid-April to October, and 8am to 5pm November to mid-April. Admission is ₺5.