Top things to do in Tekkale & Dörtkilise

Top Choice Church in Tekkale & Dörtkilise


The wonderful 10th-century Georgian church of Dörtkilise (in Georgian Otkhta Eklesia, meaning Church of the Four) stands 6km up a green river valley from Tekkale village, 7km southwest of Yusufeli. A large, domeless…
Castle in Tekkale & Dörtkilise

Tek Kale Kalesi

One kilometre before Tekkale village coming from Yusufeli, the ruined medieval Georgian castle Tek Kale Kalesi perches high above the road, complete with small church on its inaccessible rock pinnacle.
Castle in Tekkale & Dörtkilise

Peterek Kalesi

Five kilometres southwest of Tekkale village along the D050 towards İspir, Peterek Kalesi, a castle of probable medieval Georgian origin, looms above the side road up to Çevreli village. You can walk up to it by a p…