Tarsus attractions

Historic Site in Tarsus

Old City

The compact Old City lies between Adana Bulvarı and Hal Caddesi. It includes a wonderful 60m-long stretch of Roman road and a labyrinth of alleyways hemmed by historical Tarsus houses, many crumbling, but one now ho…
Church in Tarsus

Church of St Paul

South of the Old City, this Orthodox church was originally built in the 1850s to commemorate St Paul. It was utilised as a storage depot (among other uses) up until the mid-1990s, when the Ministry of Culture began …
Gate in Tarsus

Cleopatra's Gate

Walk 1km southwest of the Old City along İsmetpaşa Bulvarı to get to the Roman Kancık Kapısı, literally the 'Gate of the Bitch', but better known as Cleopatra's Gate. Despite the name it has nothing to do with the E…
Historic Site in Tarsus

St Paul's Well

Just on the edge of the Old City (signs point the way from Atatürk Bulvarı) are the ruins of St Paul's house and supposed birthplace, which can be viewed underneath sheets of plexiglass. The well stands just beyond …
Museum in Tarsus

Tarsus Museum

About 750m southwest of the Old City, this museum showcases a small but interesting trove of ancient statuary, coins and other artefacts dating back to the Hellenistic period and beyond.
Waterfall in Tarsus


Catch a dolmuş (₺2) in front of the Eski Cami to a cooling waterfall (şelale) on the Tarsus River (the Cydnus River in ancient times), around 3km to the north. There are tea gardens and restaurants nearby.