Travel Agency in Şanlıurfa

Harran-Nemrut Tours

Run by Özcan Aslan, a local teacher who speaks good English, and has maps and brochures. Tours to nearby sites including Göbekli Tepe, Harran, Şuayb City, Soğmatar, Mardin and Nemrut Dağı range from €10 to €40 per p…
Tourist Information in Şanlıurfa

Mustafa Çaycı

Mustafa Çaycı from the Hotel Uğur runs short and long tours to Harran (per person TL40/90), excursions to Göbekli Tepe (per person TL35), and longer trips to Nemrut Dağı (per person TL140).
Travel Agency in Gaziantep


Various tours (from €45 per person), including the 'Magical Triangle' (Birecik, Halfeti/Rumkale, Belkıs-Zeugma). Car rental is available for more flexible exploration.
Tourist Information in Diyarbakır

Tourist Information Office

Excellent English spoken, good brochures, and an English-Kurdish phrasebook called 'Welcome to Amed'. Don't miss the scale model of the walled city out front.
Tour Guide in Diyarbakır

Ali Çalişir

After working as a BBC cameraman throughout the Middle East, Ali Çalişir has returned home to Diyarbakır to work as a local guide.
Tourist Information in Şanlıurfa

Tourist Information Kiosk

Handily located near Balıklı Göl with English spoken and good local maps. Opening hours can be erratic.
Tourist Information in Gaziantep

Tourist Office

In a black and grey building in the city park. English and German spoken, and city maps and brochures.
Tourist Information in Diyarbakır

Municipal Information Bureau

Ask for the English-language map. Irregular hours.
Tourist Information in Van

Tourist Office

English is spoken and good maps and brochures.
Tourist Information in Mardin

Tourist Information Office

English spoken and good maps and brochures.