Top things to do in Sinop

Top Choice Historic Building in Sinop

Tarihi Sinop Cezaevi

The cells, empty corridors, exercise yards and children's reform school of this hulking former prison within the fortress are haunting and unforgettable. Founded in 1887, it 'did time' as a prison until 1997, when i…
Top Choice Seafood in Sinop

Okyanus Balık Evi

Possibly the best fish restaurant on the Black Sea coast, the 'Ocean Fish House' is run by Mert Kanal, whose grandfather founded the fishmonger on the ground floor. Expect fresher than fresh and only in season, plus…
Fortress in Sinop

Sinop Fortress

Open to attack from the sea, Sinop was first fortified by the Hittites around 2000 BC. The existing walls are additions made by the Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans to those erected in 72 BC by Pontic king M…
Museum in Sinop

Sinop Archaeological Museum

Highlights of this excellent museum include the fabulous Meydankapı mosaic from the 4th century AD, depicting the four seasons and seven muses; a marble statue of lions savaging a deer from the 4th century BC; vario…
Arts & Crafts in Sinop

Yöresel El Sanatları Satıs Maǧazası

This lovely shop in the restored Pervane Medresesi sells both new and antique embroidered linen tablecloths, scarves and decorative items. The charming and helpful English-speaking staff can provide tourist informat…
Turkish in Sinop


With walls decorated with fishing photos and guns, this homely grill house serves mantı (Turkish ravioli) and grilled fish, chicken and köfte.
Pastries in Sinop

Dolunay Pastaneleri

Hit Dolunay for ice cream and baklava before a stroll along the nearby harbour.
Mosque in Sinop

Alaaddin Camii

Dominating Sinop's busiest thoroughfare, this mosque was constructed for Süleyman Pervane in 1267 and has been repaired and augmented many times. The local Candaroğlu emir added the marble mihrab (niche indicating t…
Historic Building in Sinop

Pervane Medresesi

The powerful Seljuk grand vizier Süleyman Pervane built this seminary in 1262 to commemorate the conquest of Sinop a half-century earlier. Pleasingly geometrical, with a marble entry and octagonal central fountain, …
Kebap in Sinop

Antep Sofrası

Locals head to Antep's split-level, avocado-painted dining rooms for kebaps, from patlıcan (aubergine) to İskender (döner kebap on fresh pide topped with savoury tomato sauce and browned butter). A welcoming place t…