Top Choice Turkish in Selçuk

Wallabies Aquaduct Restaurant

This hotel-restaurant spills out onto the square beneath the aqueduct, guaranteeing atmospheric summer dining at almost 36 tables. The traditional Anatolian fare is complemented by more international offerings, incl…
Turkish in Selçuk

Ejder Restaurant

Next to the aqueduct, this outdoor restaurant on a pedestrianised walkway is good for lunch on a sunny day, with lots of choices including the generous tavuk şiş (roast skewered chicken). The kind owners, Mehmet, Ra…
Köfte in Selçuk

Selçuk Köftecisi

In a modern building by the fish market, this long-running local favourite serves excellent köfte, cooked to perfection and accompanied by salad, rice and fried onions. The good selection of side salads includes a s…
Köfte in Selçuk

Sişçi Yaşar'ın Yeri

Under vines next to a 14th-century mosque, 'Yaşar's Place' is good for a simple lunch of izgara (grills): köfte and çöp şiş (şiş kebap served rolled in a thin pita with onions and parsley).
Mediterranean in Selçuk

St John's Café

Despite, or perhaps because of, it being Selçuk's most touristy cafe-shop, St John's has the town's widest coffee selection, various toasts, cakes, ice cream and other international snacks. There's a play area for r…
Kebap in Selçuk

Mehmet & Alibaba Kebab House

We've been getting some mixed reviews of late about this old standby here since 1994 and very much geared towards tourists. But at least you can be assured of good service and well prepared food from a clean kitchen…
Turkish in Selçuk

Tat Restaurant

Touristy Tat's food won't set the world on fire – although the güveç (stew) and other fiercely sizzling dishes could start a blaze. But it is a pleasant spot with seating on a pedestrianised walkway. Multilingual wa…
Market in Selçuk

Wednesday Market

Like the larger Saturday market, this market offer fruits, veg and cheeses from village farms in the surrounding area.
Chinese in Selçuk

Boomerang Garden Restaurant

If you really can't last another day without a fix of rice and noodle and sweet-and-sour whatever, head for this delightful courtyard restaurant (and bar) that boasts its own Chinese cook. But don't limit yourself, …
Turkish in Selçuk

Seçkin & Firuze

This lovely family-run eatery on Selçuk's 'restaurant row', with rattan tables and chairs outside on the pavement, serves grills and seafood dishes that taste just like ana (mum) makes because that's just who's prep…