Kebap in Şanlıurfa

Beyaz Köşk

Turkey's best lahmacun (Arabic-style pizza) restaurants reputedly huddle in Gölbaşı's labyrinth of lanes, and the 'White House' is a great place to try plate-covering pizza sprinkled with spicy ızot. Head upstairs t…
Kebap in Şanlıurfa

Ikiler Ciğer Salonu

Informal streetside ciğer salonu (simple eateries serving grilled meats) are easy to find throughout the city. Grab a cornerside table at Ikiler, and tuck into a mini-feast of grilled lamb, chicken or liver, served …
Turkish in Şanlıurfa

Çift Mağara

The dining room is carved into a rocky bluff overlooking Gölbaşı, but the lovely terrace for dining alfresco beats the cavernous interior. Try the içli köfte (ground lamb and onion with a bulgur coating).
Turkish in Şanlıurfa

Manici Hotel

With excellent meze and traditional Turkish mains, the licensed restaurant at the Manici Hotel is an elegant affair framed by paintings of Ottoman Sultans.
Turkish in Şanlıurfa

Gülhan Restaurant

Razor-sharp waiters and salubrious surroundings combine with a pictorial menu of grills and local dishes with English translations. For dessert, try the şıllık.
Turkish in Şanlıurfa

Çardaklı Köşk

Food is only so-so – the real draw is live music and the view over Gölbaşı from the upstairs terrace.
Breakfast in Şanlıurfa

Zahter Kahvaltı & Kebap Salonu

Skip your hotel's breakfast and instead wolf down gooey honey, pekmez (grape syrup), jam and kaymak (clotted cream) on flat bread. Wash it all down with a large glass of çay or ayran – all for around TL10.
Sweets in Şanlıurfa

Baklavacı Badıllı Dedeoğlu

Death by pistachio baklava and pistachio sarması ('vine leaves').