Turkish in Safranbolu

Bizım Cafe

Deep in the old shopping district is this welcoming little family-run restaurant that serves whatever's on the stove, which luckily is always pretty good, including dolmades rolled on the street and deliciously spic…
Turkish in Safranbolu

Kadıoğlu Şehzade Sofrası

It's all traditional Ottoman-style seating at this converted mansion restaurant. The huge, steaming hot pide, çorba (soup), grills and zerde (saffron dessert) are all recommended. Alcohol served.
Turkish in Safranbolu

Hanım Sultan

Squirreled away down a little alleyway, this place rustles up rustic, wholesome cooking. Try the divine pot of etlı dolma (vine leaves stuffed with meat) for a hearty, delicious lunch.