Top things to do in Rize

Turkish in Rize

Sefam Iskender & Kebap

With a small terrace opening onto Deniz Caddesi's pedestrian strip, super-friendly Sefam is the place to go for local dishes such as kuru fasulye (white beans stewed with meat) and laz böreği (pastry with custard).
Museum in Rize

Rize Museum

Just behind the tourist-office kiosk, this fine, custard-yellow Ottoman house is decorated in traditional style, with re-created bridal room, weaving room, kitchen and so on filled with antique furniture, cooking im…
Castle in Rize

Rize Castle

Built by the Byzantines on the steep hill at the back of town, Rize's ancient kale (castle) has both a lower castle and the so-called inner castle above it. The latter, which may date to the 6th century AD, contains…
Gardens in Rize

Ziraat Tea Garden

Rize's fragrant and floral tea garden is next to the Çaykur tea factory, 20 minutes' walk above town along the steep main road (Zihni Derin Caddesi) leading uphill behind the Şeyh Camii. Enjoy the superb views with …
Turkish in Rize

Evvel Zaman

This lovingly restored Ottoman house on the southeast edge of the main square is like a joyously jumbled museum, even displaying cases of swords and daggers. It's a great place to try traditional Black Sea dishes su…
Kebap in Rize


A cut above most lokantas (eateries serving ready-made food), 'Repose' is chilled, with a modern interior and seating on pedestrianised Deniz Caddesi. In business since 1966, it proudly displays its fare on a pictor…
Sweets in Rize

Dergah Pastaneleri

Stop for baklava, cake or dondurma (ice cream) at this gleaming modern pastane (patisserie), with its smart green awning and shelves bursting with attractively wrapped confectionery. If you want to eat in, you can s…
Drinks in Rize

Doǧus Tea Shop

If you don't make it to the hilltop Ziraat tea garden, sip çay at the central Doǧus outlet.