Desserts in Selimiye


The name and the Julius Meinl shop sign outside this tiny gleaming-white cottage facing the marina might have some thinking they'd arrived in Macarıstan (Hungary). Not quite… This all-Turkish establishment focuses o…
Ice Cream in Kadıköy

Meshur Dondurmacı Ali Usta

Weekend and summer-night saunters down Moda Caddesi wouldn't be the same without a cone of the dondurma (ice cream) produced by master ice-cream maker Ali Usta. There are more than 40 flavours on offer – we like the…
Desserts in Beyoğlu

İnci Pastanesi

A Beyoğlu institution, İnci was forced out of its historic İstiklal Caddesi premises in 2012, but has reopened here and continues to delight devotees with its profiteroles covered in chocolate sauce. We're also part…
Desserts in Ankara


You like sweet and naughty things? Then you, alongside zillions of locals who pour in here every afternoon, will love Elizinn and its irresistible range of pastries, cakes and other sugar-coated treats. It also does…
Ice Cream in Eski Foçu

Nazmi Usta Girit Dondurmaları

Ice cream and the seaside go together like Fred and Ginger or Posh and Becks, and this is the best place in Foça to order a cone. Nazmi Usta is an acclaimed dondurma (ice cream) maker, and his fruit and nut flavours…
Desserts in Beşiktaş, Nişantaşi & Ortaköy


Originating in the southeastern region of Maraş, dondurma (Turkish ice cream) has a distinctive chewy texture, thanks to its unusual ingredients of salep (ground dried orchid root) and mastic (pine-flavoured resin f…
Ice Cream in İzmir

Pasaport Mado

To enjoy an ice cream while strolling along the kordon, head to this branch of the popular national chain.
Ice Cream in Beyoğlu


One of the two branches of this much-loved dondurma (Turkish ice cream) shop on İstiklal Caddesi.
Desserts in Antakya

Hatay Künefe

This eponymous restaurant is a great place to try the local dessert, Hatay Künefe.