Arriving in Destination

Atatürk International Airport (İstanbul) Metro and tram to Sultanahmet (₺8, 6am to midnight, one hour); Havataş bus to Taksim Meydanı (₺11, 4am to 1am, 45 minutes); taxi to Sultanahmet (₺45, 35 minutes), taxi to Beyoğlu (₺55, 45 minutes).

Sabiha Gökçen International Airport (İstanbul) Havataş bus to Taksim Meydanı (₺14, 3.30am to 1am, 1½ hours), from where a funicular (₺4) and tram (₺4) travel to Sultanahmet (30 minutes); Havataş bus to Kadıköy (₺9, 4am to 1am, one hour); taxi to Sultanahmet (₺155, 1¼ hours) and Beyoğlu (₺140, one hour).

Büyük İstanbul Otogarı (İstanbul) The metro service between Aksaray and Atatürk International Airport runs to Zeytinburnu (₺4), from where trams continue to Sultanahmet and Kabataş/Taksim (₺4, one hour total); a taxi to Sultanahmet or Taksim Meydanı costs about ₺35 (30 minutes).