Pamukkale restaurants

Turkish in Pamukkale


This central place with a long bar and big TV (for football matches, generally) is the best spot for a beer, but it also serves Turkish food at better prices than other eateries. Sigara böreği (deep-fried, cigar-sha…
Turkish in Pamukkale

Ottoman House

For a snack and a beer after visiting the travertines, this place opposite Hierapolis's middle gate does gözleme (savoury pancake), made by a woman at the entrance. Head through the Ottoman-style salon for a terrace…
Pide in Pamukkale

Mustafa Hotel

Wood-fired pide and pizza are the speciality, but kebaps, crepes, felafel, hummus and other mezes are also available.
Turkish in Pamukkale

Mehmet's Heaven

Long-established Mehmet's has an interior set with wide cushions, and a back terrace with travertine views. The Turkish fare is decent but prices have crept up.