Dangers & Annoyances

Pamukkale's travel agencies have a bad reputation; stories of poor service and fly-by-night operations abound. They are best avoided apart from booking a day trip to Afrodisias. Definitely do not book tours and activities in other parts of Turkey, such as Cappadocia. Many agencies share offices with the bus companies, so when buying bus tickets make sure you are dealing directly with the bus operator or their appointed agent.

Travellers are sometimes taken off the servis from Denizli and taken to a pension to receive the hard sell. Asian travellers in particular have been targeted with this and other scams. If this happens, leave and go to your first choice of accommodation.


Post Office Near the Hierapolis ruins.

Post Office (PTT) Centrally located.

Tourist Information

Pensions offer advice, maps and assistance. As in any tourist town, most have their own favourite travel providers and disparage everyone else, so compare offers. The tourist office at the entrance to Hierapolis and the travertines is totally useless.