Top things to do in Narlıkuyu

Top Choice Cave in Narlıkuyu

Caves of Heaven and Hell

Near Narlıkuyu, a road winds north for 1.5km to several caves – sinkholes carved out by a subterranean river and places of great mythological significance. The walk from Narlıkuyu junction to the main entrance gate …
Top Choice Seafood in Narlıkuyu


Spanning a lovely terrace on one arm of Narlıkuyu's little cove, this seafood restaurant of the same name is a delight. Seafood meals come complete with huge piles of salads and scrumptious meze, including pickled k…
Seafood in Narlıkuyu


One of several restaurants in Narlıkuyu with dining terraces right next to the sea. Freshly caught and grilled fish is accompanied by huge piles of salads and scrumptious meze.
Museum in Narlıkuyu

Mosaic Museum

Narlıkuyu's Mosaic Museum is in a compact 4th-century Roman bath. The wonderful mosaic on the floor depicts the Three Graces – Aglaia, Thalia and Euphrosyne – the daughters of Zeus. The museum is usually kept locked…