Muğla attractions

Historic Site in Muğla

Old Town

From Cumhuriyet Meydanı, the main square and roundabout with Atatürk's statue as focal point, walk north along Kurşunlu Caddesi to Kurşunlu Cami ('Lead-Covered Mosque', 1493) to reach Muğla's old quarter. The pink-a…
Museum in Muğla

Muğla Museum

Muğla's excellent museum contains a small collection of prehistoric finds as well as Greek and Roman antiquities displayed in rooms around an open courtyard filled with statuary. Don't miss the riveting Gladiator Ro…
Historic Building in Muğla

Zahire Pazarı

This carefully restored market in the shadow of the Pazar Camı (Bazaar Mosque) features lazy cafes spilling across a leafy cloistered courtyard dotted with traditional craft shops; the city subsidises their rents to…
Cultural Centre in Muğla

Konakaltı Kültür Merkezi

The beautiful galleried Konakaltı Kültür Merkezi, a traditional complex turned cultural centre, has done time as a printing press, hotel and even cinema.