Museum in Mersin

Mersin Archaeological Museum

This purpose-built museum, which opened in 2017, is one of the best in provincial Turkey and will help you to put much of what you've seen along the coast in perspective. In eight halls over two floors it...

Turkish in Mersin


The very popular Hacıbaba serves excellent zeytinyağli biber dolması (stuffed peppers) and other homestyle Turkish dishes round the clock. There are also kebaps and pide, if you'd prefer. It's something of an...

Museum in Mersin

Mersin Naval Museum

While it may not sound like much of a crowd-pleaser, this museum near the landmark Muğdat Mosque has some fine exhibits (both display case and multimedia ones) tracing Turkey's presence on the seas, starting in...

Museum in Mersin

Atatürk Evi

Along the pedestrianised section of Atatürk Caddesi is a museum in a beautiful six-room villa where Atatürk spent 11 days in October 1925. It's full of photographs, clothes and other artefacts from his life, but...

Kebap in Mersin

Mehmet Usta

This especially toothsome fast-food joint seems to be permanently heaving. It is the place to try traditional beef tantuni (chopped meat sautéed with onions, garlic and peppers, wrapped in a flatbread called...

Seafood in Mersin

Erden Balık Restaurant

There's a row of restaurants in the fish market between Silifke Caddesi and Atatürk Caddesi in the centre of town. Erden is thought to be the best of them.

Church in Mersin

Italian Catholic Church

This functioning Roman Catholic church near the train station was built in 1853. Mass is said at 11am on Sunday year-round. On other days, it is at 6pm (April to October) or 5pm (November to March).

Church in Mersin

Greek Orthodox Church

This walled 1852 church is still in use and has a lovely iconostasis. To gain entry, go to the west side of the church facing 4302 Sokak and ring the bell.