A stroll along the harbour is one way to get an idea of what Mersin is all about. Another is to wander through the crowded streets and lanes between Uray Caddesi and İstiklal Caddesi.


Budget and midrange hotels huddle around the otogar.


Mersin's local speciality is tantuni kebap – chopped beef sautéed with onions, garlic and peppers, wrapped in pitta-like lavaş ekmek. To be honest, tantuni, often accompanied by şalgam suyu, a crimson-coloured juice made by boiling turnips and adding vinegar, is not the highest point of Turkish gastronomy.

For something sweet try cezerye, a semigelatinous confection made from carrots and packed with walnuts. For a cheap seafood fix, try the floating fish restaurants around the harbour. Fish sandwiches (balik ekmek) can be had for around ₺6.