Mersin attractions

Museum in Mersin

Mersin Museum

Mersin's archaeology museum has finds from nearby tumuli (burial mounds) and sites (including Elaiussa-Sebaste near Kızkalesi), a great statue of Dionysus and curious odds and ends, such as a Roman-era glass theatre…
Museum in Mersin

Atatürk Evi

Along the pedestrianised section of Atatürk Caddesi is a museum in a beautiful seven-room villa where Atatürk once stayed. It's full of photographs, clothes and other artefacts from his life, and has a pleasant gard…
Church in Mersin

Greek Orthodox Church

Next to Mersin Museum, this walled 1852 church is still in use and has a lovely iconostasis. To gain entry go to the left side of the church facing 4302 Sokak and ring the bell.