Top Choice Turkish in Marmaris


Tucked away up some steps from the western end of the marina is this tiny but delightful restaurant in a 250-year-old Greek stone house with Bugül at the stove. Decorated with seashells and wind chimes, it offers de…
International in Marmaris

Aquarium Kitchen Cafe

One of the cooler and more creative eateries on the waterfront, Aquarium has an eponymous fish tank behind the bar, women's shoes on the tables, a chess set made of piping, and salsa music. Large grills and steaks a…
International in Marmaris


As close as you'll get to the marine without falling in. Pineapple is a two-storey restaurant with an enormous upstairs balcony and equally large front terrace. Pizzas, pastas and salads (₺16–₺32) take the lion's sh…
Köfte in Marmaris

Köfteci Ramiz

At lunchtime, local suits queue for this long-established köfte chain's salad bar (₺7.50), not to mention the award-winning köfte, kebaps and other grills. Meal deals abound. Founded by two brothers from Macedonia, …
Italian in Marmaris


With cheery yellow chairs and faux flower arrangements, this popular waterfront restaurant now in its 25th year serves great thin-crust pizzas, pasta, seafood, steaks and kebaps.
Kebap in Marmaris


Safely removed from Bar St, at the far end of the shopping centre across the bridge, 'Ship's Course' serves meat dishes, pides and salads in a covered outdoor setting.
Turkish in Marmaris

Meryemana Mantı Evi

In addition to mantı, the bizarrely named 'Virgin Mary Mantı House' serves gözleme (stuffed flatbreads) as well as ready-made prepared etli yemek (meat dishes) and sebzeli yemek (vegetable dishes). It's a good place…