Top Choice Museum in Mardin

Sakıp Sabancı Mardin City Museum

Housed in former army barracks, this superb museum showcases the fascinating history and culture of Mardin. Excellent English-language translations and effective use of audio and video reinforce how cosmopolitan and…
Museum in Mardin

Mardin Museum

This superbly restored late-19th-century mansion sports carved pillars and elegant arcades on the upper floor. Inside, it has a small but well-displayed collection including a finely detailed 7th-century-BC Assyrian…
Market in Mardin


Mardin's rambling commercial hub parallels Cumhuriyet Caddesi one block down the hill. Donkeys are still a main form of transport; look out for saddle repairers resurrecting even the shabbiest examples.Make time for…
Mosque in Mardin

Şehidiye Camii

Look for the elegant, slender minaret of this 14th-century mosque. Also worth visiting is the 14th-century Latifiye Camii, behind the Akbank, where a shady courtyard has a şadırvan in the middle. Nearby, the eye-cat…
Church in Mardin

Forty Martyrs Church

This church dates back to the 4th century, and was renamed in the 15th century to commemorate Cappadocian martyrs, now remembered in the fine carvings above the entrance. Services are held here each Sunday, and ther…
Mosque in Mardin

Kasımiye Medresesi

Built in 1469, two domes stand over the tombs of Kasım Paşa and his sister, but the highlights are the courtyard with arched colonnades and a magnificent carved doorway. Upstairs, see the students' quarters, before …
Mosque in Mardin

Sultan İsa (Zinciriye) Medresesi

Dating from 1385, the complex's highlight is the imposing recessed doorway, but make sure you wander through the pretty courtyards, lovingly tended by the caretaker, and onto the roof to enjoy the cityscape. The tea…
Historic Building in Mardin

Post Office

Turkey's most impressive former post office is housed in a 17th-century caravanserai covered with carvings, including teardrops in stone dripping down the walls. Restoration is ongoing.
Mosque in Mardin

Melik Mahmut Camii

Historic Site in Mardin

Old Mardin House