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Top ChoiceAnatolian in Malatya

Ahmet Bey Yöresel Ev Yemekleri

This modest restaurant, run by a charming older couple, dishes up Malatya's foodie specialities, a true taste of Anatolian flavours. You'll have to be rolled out the door after digging into mumbar (stuffed lamb...

Archaeological Site in Malatya

Arslantepe Höyüğü

The settlement mound of Arslantepe (also called Aslantepe) rises 30m over the surrounding green fields of the tiny village of Orduzu, 5km northeast of Malatya. This 200m-long mound may not look like much but it...

Kebab in Malatya

Hacı Baba Sinan Et Lokantası

In business since 1942, Hacı Baba is Malatya's most famous restaurant and has a wall chock-a-block with photos of Turkish celebrities and politicians chowing down on its kebaps to prove it. It's especially famed...

Anatolian in Malatya

Uğra Lokantası

During the afternoon this basic canteen bustles with locals tucking into hearty lunches chosen from the six to eight options displayed in the bain-marie. There's always a couple of stew-like vegetable dishes and...

International in Malatya

Neşve Çay Kahve Evi

If you need a kebap break, this popular, relaxed, contemporary cafe dishes up sandwich wraps, salads, steaks, Turkish-style quesadillas and gözleme (stuffed flatbreads) from its large menu. It also makes a very...

Cafe in Malatya


A restored 19th-century mansion with an airy, garden-like courtyard and wooden upper gallery, Hanzade is a fine, relaxed spot to pass an hour or two with a couple of çays. On weekend nights there's sometimes live...

Market in Malatya


Malatya's vibrant city-centre market sprawls north from Halep Caddesi. Especially fascinating is the lively metalworking section. Don't leave without spending some time (and sampling the wares) at the Apricot...

Museum in Malatya

Malatya Museum

Malatya's small, old-fashioned museum has a collection of smaller finds from Arslantepe including an excellent haul of metallurgical objects. Other exhibits cover Chalcolithic and early Bronze Age–era sites in...

Cafe in Malatya


This squeaky-boarded, 19th-century Malatya mansion is packed with memorabilia. Soak up the ambience in either of two spacious, airy main rooms (note that men are only allowed upstairs if accompanying women) while...

Market in Malatya

Apricot Market

The Malatya area produces about two-thirds of the world's dried apricots and you'll find them in every imaginable degree of desiccation, as well as apricot jam and apricot cosmetics, in the apricot market (also...

Museum in Malatya

Ethnographic Museum

This small museum, housed in a group of restored old Malatyan mansions known as the Beşkonaklar (Five Mansions), is worth a quick look for the displays of jewellery, textiles and fearsome old weapons amid the...

Turkish in Malatya

Mangal Vadisi

Vegetarians, don't even bother reading this review: the huge mangals (barbecues) that take centre stage on the ground floor set the tone here. Grilled meat aplenty plus pide (Turkish-style pizza) for when you're...

Turkish in Malatya

Nar Çiçeği

Check-hatted chefs prepare top-notch grills and pide (Turkish-style pizza) in an open kitchen and dishes are rapidly served up by an enthusiastic team of white-shirted waiters. There's outside seating as well as...

Mosque in Malatya

Yeni Cami

This twin-minaret, very late Ottoman mosque (1912–13) sits right in the heart of the city, just south of the bazaar.

Cafe in Malatya


This nargile (water pipe) cafe is a popular spot with Malatya's under-30 set after dark.

Notable Building in Malatya


The Valiliği (provincial governor's building) is a prominent landmark in central Malatya.