Malatya attractions

Top Choice Market in Malatya


Malatya's vibrant city-centre market sprawls north from Halep Caddesi. Especially fascinating is the lively metalworking section. Don't leave without spending some time (and sampling the wares) at the Apricot Market…
Archaeological Site in Malatya

Arslantepe Höyüğü

If you have an interest in Anatolian archaeology you'll enjoy the Arslantepe (or Aslantepe) Höyüğü at Orduzu village, 5km northeast of Malatya. Over 30m high and 200m long, this oval-shaped mound is composed of mult…
Market in Malatya

Apricot Market

The Malatya area produces about two-thirds of the world's dried apricots and you'll find them in every imaginable degree of desiccation, as well as apricot jam and apricot cosmetics, in the Apricot Market (kayısı pa…
Museum in Malatya

Malatya Museum

Malatya's museum has a big collection of finds from Aslantepe, with excellent explanatory panels about the site in English, Italian and Turkish. Also here are artefacts from archaeological sites now submerged beneat…
Museum in Malatya

Ethnographic Museum

English-language information brings alive this showcase of jewellery, textiles and fearsome old weapons as well as a re-creation of a traditional Malatyan house with very lifelike figures. It's housed in a group of …
Mosque in Malatya

Yeni Camii

A very late Ottoman construction (1912-13), the twin-minarets of the 'New Mosque' stand right in the heart of the city just south of the bazaar.
Notable Building in Malatya


The Valiliği (provincial governor's building) is a prominent landmark in central Malatya.