Top things to do in Lake Van

Top Choice Church in Lake Van

Akdamar Kilisesi

One of the marvels of Armenian architecture is the carefully restored Akdamar Kilisesi. It's perched on an island 3km out in Lake Van. In 921 Gagik Artzruni, King of Vaspurkan, built a palace, church and monastery o…
Church in Lake Van

Altinsaç Kİlİsesİ

Another relatively well-preserved Armenian church, Altınsaç Kilisesi, is perched on a mound overlooking the lake. From Akdamar, drive 12km towards Tatvan until you reach a junction. Turn right onto the road marked f…
Cemetery in Lake Van

Gevaş Cemetery

Like Ahlat on the north shore, Gevaş has a cemetery full of tombstones dating from the 14th to 17th centuries. Notable is the polygonal Halime Hatun Türbesi, built in 1358 for a female member of the Karakoyunlu dyna…
Museum in Ahlat