Lake District attractions

Top Choice Ruins in Lake District


The sprawling ancient city ruins of Sagalassos, dating from 1200 BC, are set high amid the stark and jagged peaks of Ak Dağ (White Mountain). Rarely troubled by crowds or tour buses, Sagalassos makes a great day tri…
Archaeological Site in Around Eğirdir


Antiocheia-in-Pisidia is a largely unexcavated ancient Pisidian city, about 2km from Yalvaç. St Paul of Tarsus visited several times (as recorded in the Bible's Acts of the Apostles). Located on the strategic border…
Park in Around Eğirdir

Yazılı Canyon Nature Park

The Yazılı Canyon Nature Park, roughly a 65km drive south of Eğirdir, protects a forested gorge deep in the Taurus Mountains, which separate the Lake District (ancient Pisidia) and the Antalya region (Pamphylia), an…
Mountain in Around Eğirdir

Mt Davraz

Davraz Dağı (2653m), rising between three lakes, has great skiing from mid-December to March. A day-long section of the St Paul Trail leads between here and Kasnak Forest.Davraz offers nordic and downhill skiing, pl…
Mosque in Eğirdir

Hızır Bey Camii

Originally a Seljuk warehouse (built 1237), this simple stone structure in the centre became a mosque in 1308 under Hamidoğulları emir Hızır Bey. It features a clerestory (an upper row of windows) above the central …
Market in Eğirdir

Pınar Pazarı

On Sundays between August and October, you can buy apples, cheese, yoghurt or even a goat at this village market run by the Yörük Turks, who descend from their mountain redoubts to hawk their wares and stock up for …
National Park in Around Eğirdir

Kovada Gölü Milli Parkı

Surrounding a small lake connected to Lake Eğirdir by a channel, Kovada Gölü Milli Parkı is good for hiking, picnicking and flora, especially at the nearby Kasnak Forest, which is full of butterflies and rare mounta…
Beach in Eğirdir

Bedre Beach

To sunbathe on a sandy beach, head 11km out of the centre on the road from Eğirdir to Barla. Bedre Beach is best, with 1.5km of sand. You can walk or cycle here, or get a taxi (around ₺25).
Church in Eğirdir

Ayastafanos Church

Eğirdir's last remaining Orthodox church is on Yeşilada, near İskele Park. Thirteen other churches were torn down after the Greek community departed in the 1923 population exchange. The 12th-century Byzantine stone …
Cave in Around Eğirdir

Zından Mağarası

Roughly 30km southeast of Eğirdir, and about 1km north of Aksu by a Roman bridge, you'll find the entrance to the kilometre-long Zından Mağarası, which features Byzantine ruins, stalactites and stalagmites, and the …