Getting There & Away

Bus-company offices are located on Atatürk Bulvarı near the Hilton Garden Inn hotel. Servises (free shuttles) run from the offices to/from the otogar (bus station). Pamukkale offers at least two daily bus services to/from Afyon (₺15, 1½ hours), Antalya (₺40, 6½ hours), Bodrum (₺65, 9½ hours), Bursa (₺23, three hours) and Marmaris (₺55, 9½ hours), and several to/from Denizli (₺45 five hours). Anadolu has several daily buses to/from Eskişehir (₺15, 1½ hours), İstanbul (₺40, six hours) and İzmir (₺42, six hours).