Kızkalesi attractions

Archaeological Site in Kızkalesi


Some 4km northeast of Kızkalesi at Ayaş are the extensive remains of ancient Elaiussa-Sebaste, a city dating back to the early Roman period and perhaps even to the Hittite era. Important structures on the left (west…
Castle in Kızkalesi

Corycus Castle

At the northern end of Kızkalesi beach, Corycus Castle was either built or rebuilt by the Byzantines, briefly occupied by the Armenian kingdom of Cilicia and once connected to Kızkalesi by a causeway. Walk carefully…
Castle in Kızkalesi

Kızkalesi Castle

Rising from an island 300m offshore, Kızkalesi Castle is like a suspended dream. Check out the mosaics in the central courtyard and the vaulted gallery, and climb one of the four towers (the one at the southeast cor…