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About 25km further south of Ortaköy, 1km before the road crosses the Aras River and meets the Iğdır–Erzurum road, a brown sign opposite the petrol station points 24km to Çengilli köyü kilisesi (village church). Looming over the Kurdish mountain village is a dramatic medieval Georgian monastery with superb carving recalling the area's Armenian chucrhes. A few kilometres beyond the village is a gölü (lake) with unforgettable views over the Aras mountains.

The roads climbing to Çengilli and Keçivan are navigable in a normal car, but care should be taken and local advice sought. They may deteriorate in rainfall and are so steep (both villages are located at about 2000m) that car engines can burn out in summer. Hire-car insurance policies are unlikely to cover these minor roads.

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