Checking flights...


The Meis Express ferry sails throughout the year at 10am and returns at 4pm (3pm in winter). The voyage takes 20 minutes. Take your passport to the ticket office the day before to book.


Long Distance Buses

From the otogar, 350m north of the centre, there are a couple of daily evening services to İstanbul (₺130 to ₺140, 15 hours), one to Ankara operated by Kamil Koç (₺103, nine hours); and morning and evening buses to İzmir (₺65 to ₺70, 8½ hours).

Local Buses & Dolmuşes

Batı Antalya dolmuşes head every 30 minutes to Antalya (₺30, 3½ hours) via Demre (₺7, one hour) and the Olympos turnoff (₺15, 2½ hours). The same company has departures to Fethiye (₺20, 2½ hours) every one to 1½ hours between 7am and 6.15pm.

In summer, local Öz Kaş dolmuşes to Kalkan (₺7, 35 minutes) leave every 20 to 45 minutes from the otogar between 8am and 9.30pm; this same service continues on to Patara (₺9, 45 minutes) and Kınık (for Xanthos; ₺9, one hour). There are fewer departures from November to April. There's also one dolmuş daily to Saklıkent Gorge (₺15, one hour) at 10.10am. It makes the return journey from Saklıkent at 4pm.