Top Choice Fortress in Kars

Kars Castle

Records show that Saltuk Turks built a fortress on this hill above a bend in the Kars River in 1153. It was demolished by the Central Asian conqueror Tamerlane (Timur) in 1386 and rebuilt several times over the foll…
Top Choice Mosque in Kars

Kümbet Camii

Below Kars Castle, the imposing, basalt Kümbet Camii was built as a church between 932 and 937 when Kars was (briefly) capital of the Bagratuni kingdom of Armenia. Reliefs of the 12 apostles adorn the drum beneath t…
Ruins in Kars

Beylerbeyi Sarayı

The ruins of the Beylerbeyi Sarayı nestle beneath Kars Castle.
Museum in Kars

Kars Museum

Northeast of the centre, just off the road to Ani, the city museum has archaeological exhibits from the early Bronze Age (including some from the Ani area, showing how far back settlement there stretched), the Urart…
Bridge in Kars

Taş Köprü

The attractive 16th-century basalt bridge Taş Köprü, spanning the Kars River below the castle, was destroyed by a flood and rebuilt by the Ottomans in 1719.
Mosque in Kars

Ulu Camii

Below Kars Castle, the 17th-century Ulu Camii is Kars' largest Ottoman mosque.
Mosque in Kars

Fethiye Camii

This 19th-century Russian church, converted to a mosque, stands picturesquely south of the centre, now with twin minarets instead of its original onion domes.
Architecture in Kars

Health Directorate Building

This 1907 building, with columns and floral motifs, is an example of Kars' Baltic (ie northern Russian) architecture.
Architecture in Kars

Old Governor's Mansion

The Treaty of Kars was signed in 1921 in this yellow-and-white building dating from 1883, one of the finest examples of Kars' Baltic architecture.
Architecture in Kars

Gazi Kars Anatolian High School

The school occupies a late 19th-century winter mansion, part of Kars' Baltic architecture heritage.