Kommagene Tours

Tours in Kahta

From approximately mid-March to mid-November, the Kommagene Hotel's tour company offers daily group sunrise and sunset Nemrut Dağı (Mt Nemrut) tours, including visits to Karakuş Tümülüsü, Cendere Bridge, Seljuk Bridge and Arsameia as well as the summit. You won't get much – if any – historical information but if you want an organised Nemrut trip this is a solid choice.

For those who want to beat the crowds, it also offers private daytime Nemrut trips (€85 including one night's accommodation). Multiday Nemrut trips starting or ending in Şanlıurfa (two days) or starting from Göreme in Cappadocia (three days including Şanlıurfa) can also be arranged.