Top things to do in Kaçkar Mountains

Top Choice Church in Tekkale & Dörtkilise


The wonderful 10th-century Georgian church of Dörtkilise (in Georgian Otkhta Eklesia, meaning Church of the Four) stands 6km up a green river valley from Tekkale village, 7km southwest of Yusufeli. A large, domeless…
Cafe in Yusufeli

Yusufeli Kültür Evi

This town-hall-run venture is a lovely place to enjoy tasty local dishes at excellent prices, or a game of backgammon or pool and a Turkish coffee with Turkish delight. You can sit in the spacious main room that has…
Turkish in Ayder


A quirky place where they may not have half of what's chalked on the blackboard, but you'll probably enjoy the carefully prepared dishes that are served – mezes such as yoğurtlu patlıcan (aubergine salad with yoghur…
Church in Barhal

Barhal Church

The majestic lines of this 10th-century Georgian church (Parkhali to Georgians) rise 1km from the centre. A domeless three-nave basilica, the structure lacks much ornamentation, but the soaring dignity of its form, …
Village in Fırtına Valley

Çat Yayla

The Çat summer village (1800m), where locals move to in the warmer months when the road is passable, lies 3.5km uphill from Çat. It's well worth the walk for the yaylalar, overlooked by snowy peaks and swathed in bu…
Castle in Fırtına Valley


South from Şenyuva the road climbs into the hills to reach the restored 13th-century Zil Castle after 5.5km. A rectangular stone tower surrounded by sturdy walls on a rock pinnacle above the sheer gorge, this was a …
Cultural in Ayder

Çamlıhemşin Ayder Festival

This highly popular early-summer festival highlights Hemşin culture with folk dance and music, and also features northeast Turkey's bloodless form of boğa güreşleri (bullfighting), in which two bulls lock heads and …
Castle in Tekkale & Dörtkilise

Tek Kale Kalesi

One kilometre before Tekkale village coming from Yusufeli, the ruined medieval Georgian castle Tek Kale Kalesi perches high above the road, complete with small church on its inaccessible rock pinnacle.
Waterfall in Fırtına Valley

Palovit Şelalesi

The Palovit River falls 15m at this thundering waterfall, 4km off the Fırtına valley road from a signposted turning 2.5km south of Zilkale castle. The road up to the waterfall is paved. Past the waterfall the road c…
Turkish in Olgunlar

Olgunlar Cafe

Beside the bridge at the end of the hamlet where the Dilberdüzü trail starts, the surprisingly well-appointed Olgunlar Cafe serves up dishes such as trout, köfte (meatballs), menemen (scrambled eggs with peppers, to…