Top things to do

Top Choice Mosque in Bazaar District

Süleymaniye Mosque

The Süleymaniye crowns one of İstanbul's seven hills and dominates the Golden Horn, providing a landmark for the entire city. Though it's not the largest of the Ottoman mosques, it is certainly one of the grandest a…
Top Choice Market in Bazaar District

Grand Bazaar

The colourful and chaotic Grand Bazaar is the heart of İstanbul's Old City and has been so for centuries. Starting as a small vaulted bedesten (warehouse) built by order of Mehmet the Conqueror in 1461, it grew to c…
Top Choice Market in Bazaar District

Spice Bazaar

Vividly coloured spices are displayed alongside jewel-like lokum (Turkish delight) at this Ottoman-era marketplace, providing eye candy for the thousands of tourists and locals who make their way here every day. Sta…
Top Choice Pide in Bazaar District

Fatih Damak Pide

It's worth making the trek to this pideci overlooking the Fatih İtfaiye Park near the Aqueduct of Valens. Its reputation for making the best Karadeniz (Black Sea)–style pide on the historic peninsula is well deserve…
Top Choice Food & Drinks in Bazaar District

Altan Şekerleme

Kids aren't the only ones who like candy stores. İstanbullus of every age have been coming to this shop in the Küçük Pazar (Little Bazaar) precinct below the Süleymaniye Mosque since 1865, lured by its cheap and del…
Top Choice Nargile Cafe in Bazaar District

Mimar Sinan Teras Cafe

A magnificent panorama of the city can be enjoyed from the spacious outdoor terrace of this popular student cafe in a ramshackle building located in the shadow of Süleymaniye Mosque. Head here during the day or in t…
Top Choice Antiques in Bazaar District


Serious antique shoppers should make their way to this old-fashioned business near the bazaar's Nuruosmaniye Gate. Silver candlesticks and trays, enamelled cigarette cases, jewellery, watches and an extraordinary ra…
Top Choice Tea Garden in Bazaar District

Çorlulu Alipaşa Nargile ve Çay Bahçesi

Set in the vine-covered courtyard of the Çorlulu Ali Paşa Medrese, this nargile cafe near the Grand Bazaar is the most atmospheric in the Old City. Nargiles cost ₺25 and are best enjoyed with a glass of çay (tea; ₺2…
Top Choice Jewellery in Bazaar District

Necef Antik & Gold

Owner Haluk Botasun has been handcrafting 24-carat gold jewellery in his tiny İç Bedesten store for decades, producing attractive pieces in Byzantine and Ottoman styles. The earrings and cufflinks featuring delicate…
Top Choice Kebap in Bazaar District

Bereket Döner

The best döner ekmek (sandwich) in the district – maybe even the city – can be found at this local eatery in the rundown Küçük Pazar shopping strip between Eminönü and Atatürk Bulvarı. Definitely worth the trek.