Top Choice Food & Drinks in Bazaar District

Altan Şekerleme

Kids aren't the only ones who like candy stores. İstanbullus of every age have been coming to this shop in the Küçük Pazar (Little Bazaar) precinct below the Süleymaniye Mosque since 1865, lured by its cheap and del…
Food in Beşiktaş, Nişantaşi & Ortaköy

Lokum Istanbul

Lokum (Turkish Delight) is elevated to the status of artwork at this boutique. Owner and creator Zeynep Keyman brings back the delights, flavours, knowledge and beauty of Ottoman-Turkish products, including colourfu…
Food & Drinks in Istanbul

Feriköy Organic Market

Established in 2006 as Turkey’s first ‘100% ecological bazaar’, this bustling Saturday market is still going strong, with hundreds of colourful stalls piled high with certified organic fruit and veg. A stroll throug…
Food in Bazaar District

Ali Muhıddin Hacı Bekir

Many people think that this historic shop, which has been operated by members of the same family for over 200 years, is the best place in the city to buy lokum (Turkish Delight). Choose from sade (plain), cevizli (w…
Food in Üsküdar

Şekerci Aytekin Erol Caferzade

One of the major draws in Üsküdar's bustling Balıkçılar Çarşısı (Fish Market), this sweets shop has been supplying locals with their regular fixes of lokum (Turkish delight) since 1945 and is known for unusual flavo…
Food in Bazaar District

Hafız Mustafa

Located opposite Ali Muhıddin Hacı Bekir, Hafız Mustafa sells excellent lokum. You can buy a small bag of freshly made treats to sample, plus gift boxes to take home. Best of all, staff are happy to let you taste be…
Food in Üsküdar

Bingöl Bal Pazarı

Specialising in the sweet liquid gold so beloved by Turks, this small shop behind the Mihrimah Sultan Mosque sells three types of bal (honey): flower honey from Bingöl, karakovan (natural comb honey) from Pervari di…
Food in Beyoğlu

Mabel Çikolata

The city's most beloved chocolate company started trading in 1947 and neither its logo nor this flagship store have changed much since that time. The milk, dark and flavoured varieties are equally delicious, and ret…
Food in Beyoğlu

Ali Muhiddin Hacı Bekir

The Beyoğlu branch of the famous lokum (Turkish Delight) shop.
Food in Bazaar District

Malatya Pazarı

The city of Malatya in central-eastern Turkey is famous for its apricots, and this shop with two branches near the Spice Bazaar's Tahmis Caddesi doorway stocks the cream of the crop, dried both naturally and chemica…