Clothing in Beşiktaş, Nişantaşi & Ortaköy

Gönül Paksoy

Paksoy creates and sells pieces that transcend fashion and step into art. In fact, her work was once the subject of an exhibition at İstanbul's Rezan Haş Gallery. Her distinctive clothing is handmade using naturally…
Food in Beşiktaş, Nişantaşi & Ortaköy

Lokum Istanbul

Lokum (Turkish Delight) is elevated to the status of artwork at this boutique. Owner and creator Zeynep Keyman brings back the delights, flavours, knowledge and beauty of Ottoman-Turkish products, including colourfu…
Ceramics in Beşiktaş, Nişantaşi & Ortaköy

Kulak Ceramic Atelier

Elegant yet just a bit off-kilter, the contemporary ceramic pieces made by Zeynep Saraçoğlu and Pınar Philliskirk have an air of wabi-sabi – the ancient Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in imperfection. Watch t…
Textiles in Beşiktaş, Nişantaşi & Ortaköy

Yastık by Rıfat Özbek

This sleek designer boutique gives cushions the kind of luxury display treatment usually reserved for Prada handbags. Fashion designer Rıfat Özbek and his partner Erdal Karaman's 'Yastık' (‘pillow’ in Turkish) line …
Clothing in Beşiktaş, Nişantaşi & Ortaköy


İstanbul's most glamorous department store stocks European designer labels aplenty, as well as stylish homewares in the Bostan Sokak annexe. The Beymen Brasserie, with its streetside tables, is a popular meeting pla…
Shopping Centre in Beşiktaş, Nişantaşi & Ortaköy

City's Nişantaşı

This shopping mall includes a food court and a seven-screen multiplex cinema.