Top Choice Food & Drinks in Bazaar District

Altan Şekerleme

Kids aren't the only ones who like candy stores. İstanbullus of every age have been coming to this shop in the Küçük Pazar (Little Bazaar) precinct below the Süleymaniye Mosque since 1865, lured by its cheap and del…
Top Choice Antiques in Bazaar District


Serious antique shoppers should make their way to this old-fashioned business near the bazaar's Nuruosmaniye Gate. Silver candlesticks and trays, enamelled cigarette cases, jewellery, watches and an extraordinary ra…
Top Choice Jewellery in Bazaar District

Necef Antik & Gold

Owner Haluk Botasun has been handcrafting 24-carat gold jewellery in his tiny İç Bedesten store for decades, producing attractive pieces in Byzantine and Ottoman styles. The earrings and cufflinks featuring delicate…
Food in Bazaar District

Ali Muhıddin Hacı Bekir

Many people think that this historic shop, which has been operated by members of the same family for over 200 years, is the best place in the city to buy lokum (Turkish Delight). Choose from sade (plain), cevizli (w…
Food in Bazaar District

Hafız Mustafa

Located opposite Ali Muhıddin Hacı Bekir, Hafız Mustafa sells excellent lokum. You can buy a small bag of freshly made treats to sample, plus gift boxes to take home. Best of all, staff are happy to let you taste be…
Textiles in Bazaar District

Yazmacı Necdet Danış

Fashion designers and buyers from every corner of the globe know that, when in İstanbul, this is where to come to source top-quality textiles. It's crammed with bolts of fabric of every description – shiny, simple, …
Textiles in Bazaar District


Raw cotton and silk peştemals (bath wraps) share shelf space here with traditional Turkish dowry vests and engagement dresses. If these don't take your fancy, the pure olive-oil soaps and old hamam bowls are sure to…
Textiles in Bazaar District


Bolts of richly coloured, hand-woven silk from Uzbekistan and a range of finely woven shawls join finely embroidered bedspreads and pillow slips on the crowded shelves of this Grand Bazaar store, which sets the bar …
Jewellery in Bazaar District

Ümit Berksoy

Jeweller Ümit Berksoy handcrafts gorgeous Byzantine-style rings, earings and necklaces using gold and old coins at his tiny atelier just outside the İç Bedesten. He also creates contemporary pieces.
Clothing in Bazaar District

Silk & Cashmere

The Nuruosmaniye branch of this popular chain sells cashmere and silk-cashmere-blend cardigans, jumpers, tops and shawls. All are remarkably well priced considering their quality.