Top Choice Market in Bazaar District

Spice Bazaar

Vividly coloured spices are displayed alongside jewel-like lokum (Turkish delight) at this Ottoman-era marketplace, providing eye candy for the thousands of tourists and locals who make their way here every day. Sta…
Top Choice Market in Bazaar District

Grand Bazaar

The colourful and chaotic Grand Bazaar is the heart of İstanbul's Old City and has been so for centuries. Starting as a small vaulted bedesten (warehouse) built by order of Mehmet the Conqueror in 1461, it grew to c…
Top Choice Market in Kadıköy

Kadıköy Produce Market

An aromatic, colourful and alluring showcase of the best fresh produce in the city, the Kadıköy Pazarı is foodie central for locals and is becoming an increasingly popular destination for tourists. Equally rewarding…
Market in Sultanahmet & Around

Arasta Bazaar

This historic arcade of shops was once part of the külliye (mosque complex) of the Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Camii). Mosques built by the great and powerful usually included numerous public-service institutions, incl…
Market in Bazaar District

Women's Bazaar

Though it's a wonderful spot to observe local life, the vibrant Women's Bazaar isn't for the faint-hearted. Freshly slaughtered sheep carcasses swing in the wind and shops sell dried sheep heads, pungent tulum chees…
Market in Western Districts

Wednesday Market

This busy weekly market sells food, clothing and household goods. It's held in the streets behind and to the north of Fatih Mosque.
Market in Beyoğlu

Fish Market

Located opposite the grandiose entrance to the 1868 Galatasaray Lycée, one of the city's most prestigious educational institutions, this much-loved historic produce market is an essential stop when exploring İstikla…
Market in Üsküdar

Fish Market

Üsküdar's fish market is close to the iskele (dock), at the centre of of bustling shopping precinct. Shops sell fruit, vegetables, dried nuts, pickles and sweets as well as the catch of the day.